Junior Data Scientist

Are you a Junior Data Scientist with a knack for machine learning model development and a mastery of Python coding for data pre-processing? Join our rapidly growing company in Thailand, where you’ll be at the forefront of designing ML algorithms and developing robust training pipelines to ensure the utmost reliability and accuracy in our analytic solutions.



• Collaborative Innovation: Work closely with a dynamic team of data engineers and data scientists to gather requirements from end-users, fostering a collaborative environment where insights drive innovation.
• Algorithm Architect: Design and implement ML model algorithms using Python and its libraries, showcasing your expertise in crafting solutions that deliver reliable and accurate results.
• Dashboard Dynamo: Develop dashboards for progress updates and performance tracking of the implementation, ensuring transparency and effective communication of project milestones.
• Performance Optimization: Take charge of optimizing the performance of the model, applying your skills to achieve the best possible results and continuously improving our analytic solutions.

• Experience Matters: Bring 1 to 3 years of experience in Data Science, demonstrating your journey in the field.
• Python Prodigy: Showcase proficiency in Python for ML model development and data cleansing, proving your ability to navigate and manipulate data effectively.
• Analytical Excellence: Demonstrate experience with regression analysis (linear and non-linear), data modeling, clustering, and segmentation, reflecting a well-rounded skill set in data science.
• ML Mastery: Prove your expertise in various ML techniques, including tree-based models, time series, predictive analytics, and more.
• Cloud Connoisseur: Showcase experience working with cloud technology, highlighting your adaptability and readiness to leverage cutting-edge tools.
• Experience with data tech tools such as Altair Monarch and RapidMiner and Altair SLC is a plus

If you’re a Junior Data Scientist eager to work with large-scale datasets and make a significant impact, apply now. Join us in shaping the future of data science and analytics.

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