Junior Data Analyst


Are you ready to kickstart your career in data analysis? Join our team as a Junior Data Analyst, working closely with dynamic analytics and consulting teams. In this role, you’ll take on a variety of tasks, from data collection and cleaning to statistical analysis, gaining invaluable experience in data analysis, visualization, and collaborative teamwork — essential skills for a successful career in this dynamic field.




• Data Maestro: Collect, clean, and analyze data from diverse sources to support consulting projects, playing a crucial role in the foundation of informed decision-making.
• Model Maven: Assist in the development of data models and conduct statistical analyses to identify trends and valuable insights, contributing to the overall success of projects.
• Collaboration Guru: Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams, actively participating in the gathering and analysis of data, fostering a culture of shared success.
• Visualization Virtuoso: Create compelling data visualizations and dashboards using tools such as Tableau or Power BI, transforming raw data into actionable insights.
• Insightful Communicator: Present your findings and insights to the consulting team, actively contributing to project reports that drive informed decision-making.
• Innovative Contributor: Participate in brainstorming sessions, bringing fresh ideas and data-driven solutions to the table, showcasing your commitment to continuous improvement.
• Team Player: Support the team with general administrative tasks as needed, ensuring smooth operations and collaborative success.


• Analytical Excellence: Demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving skills, laying the groundwork for successful data analysis projects.
• Tool Proficiency: Showcase proficiency in Microsoft Excel or other data analysis tools, highlighting your ability to navigate and derive insights from data.
• Team Spirit: Exhibit the ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team, demonstrating your adaptability and commitment to collective success.
• Organizational Whiz: Possess strong organizational skills and the capability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring timely and accurate project delivery.
• Experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau or Power BI or Altair Panopticon or Altair SLC and Qlik Sense is a plus

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